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Advertise your business in the magazine

We’re the only national floriculture magazine – You can reach over 1500 subscribers, and even more readers, from just $154- that’s only 10 cents per subscriber.

Classified Trade Ads – Cheapest for tight budgets, and short messages; appear at the back of the magazine. These start at $154 per issue.

Box Adverts – 3 sizes – Ideal to promote new varieties, publicise services, link to editorial features.

Vertical and horizontal strips – 1/2 page – Guarantee high visibility, sit alongside popular features and topical articles. Ideal for reader response mechanisms such as reply forms or coupons.

Full pages and double page spreads – Chosen by our regular advertisers, to maintain their strong market position – inside front cover, or back page, for example. Plenty of opportunities for full page adverts throughout the editorial content.

Advertorials – Ideal solutions if you have so much to say, it won’t fit in an advert! This is 150 words about your company, laid out in the style of editorial news. You can include testimonials and interviews with users, or more technical information than a normal advert contains.

We can also include your booklet, flyer, or promotional leaflet as an insert with the magazine.

How to place your advert:

1. Download an Advertising Rate Card Flyer 2016 (pdf) and Advertising Booking Form 2016 (pdf) here. The Rate Card Flyer has all prices and sizes on, as well as booking deadlines; the Booking Form is for when you are ready to place an advert.

2. Decide on the size of your advert – classifieds are the cheapest, and are placed at the back of the magazine; other sizes run alongside editorial. If you want a key spot, we have special rates – please ask us.

3. SAVE! How many issues do you want it to run for? We can offer special rates for multiple bookings – contact us for details. You don’t have to repeat the same creative – so you can change your advert’s look with the seasons.

4. Do you want us to design or layout your advert for you ? We can do that inhouse : just tell us what you want to include.

5. Complete the Booking Form and return it to us – and we’ll do the rest!

Call +61 7 3821 3350 or email to discuss options or book space.

PS. SAVE! All advertisers in the magazine get the option of an online advert on this website – free of charge -plus a link from our Facebook page.

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