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The best-selling flowers in Australia are remarkably similar to the best-selling flowers in most wealthy nations around the world.

Roses, lilies, gerbera, chrysanthemums, carnations and tulips are grown and sold here in huge numbers. These flowers are the ones most of us know and recognise, however slight our flower knowledge.

This page shows the best-selling flowers in Australia – those that sell in the largest numbers. They are not necessarily the most popular flowers in Australia! Sometimes we choose flowers because they are good value, or they are readily available, or because they are seasonally available.

In a recent survey of the Queensland public by Flower Association of Queensland, their favourite flowers are rose, orchid, lily, gerbera, carnation, in order. However, 49 different flowers were identified as favourites by those taking part, suggesting a healthy appetite for choice and difference.

With hundreds of flower types being traded through auctions and wholesalers every day, there’s plenty of choice to make and new varieties to discover. So why not try a new flower or foliage next time?


The ROSE is by far the most widely-sold cut flower in Australia, with a considerable amount of domestic production geared up to meet ever-increasing year-round demand. Australian rose growers grow varieties which suit the local conditions, and are acclimatised to the heat and humidity. Over 50% of all Australian cut flower imports are roses, mostly from Kenya and India, some from Colombia, to keep up with the demand for this much-loved popular flower.

GERBERA seem to be popular with almost every age group. Is it their bright vibrant colour, their simple daisy-like shape, or their great-value availability that makes them so popular? Whatever it is, you won’t have to go far to find a local-grown gerbera in Australia. Gerbera have hairy stems, so they prefer to be in just a few centimetres of water, topped up regularly, so they don’t get waterlogged.

The tropical climate in the north of the country means many of the ORCHIDS we buy in Australia can be home-grown. This may be a key reason why sales of orchids are comparatively so strong. They are also very longlasting flowers, especially in heat, which makes them ideal for home use and for corporate work.

There are several different orchids widely available in Australia, including : large white and pink Phalaenopsis or moth orchids; green, white, pink and brown Cymbidium orchids; dainty golden freckled Oncidium or dancing lady orchids; and pink, purple and white Dendrobium orchids, which you might also find dyed blue.

If you like fragrant flowers then LILIES  will be top of your shopping list. The oriental and longiflorum lilies both have powerful scents, as well as large elegant flowers on long straight stems. Asiatic lilies have no smell, instead they come in a wide range of pastel and bright colours. Breeders have crossed Longiflorum and Asiatic lilies to create LA lilies – pastel coloured lilies with a fragrance. You may also find LO lilies, a cross between Longiflorum and Oriental lilies.

There is also a small healthy market for NATIVE flowers and foliages, sometimes called ‘wildflowers’ or bush flowers. The more familiar we become with these, and the more they are used for design and retail work, the greater our appreciation for them. Most growers who produce these flowers and foliages specialise in natives, as they often require specific soil, climate and cultivation techniques unique to them.

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