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Choosing the right flowers to buy – a helpful consumer guide                                                                                                      

You want to buy flowers for someone, but what to choose? The selection in a florist shop can be daunting, particularly if you don’t buy flowers regularly. (That’s you, blokes.) Here’s our guide to choosing and selecting.

Buy seasonally. Up in Queensland and Northern Territories there’s not too much season, weatherwise, but there’s plenty of season, flowerwise. And in the rest of Australia you can actually watch the weather changing from cool to hot; it’s nice to reflect that in the flowers you have in your home. Celebrate spring; make an autumn arrangement; decorate your home for Christmas in July! Many fresh flowers are only around for a few weeks, so make the most of these while you can, choosing seasonal flowers.

Buy colourfully. If your lover has Irish heritage, buy an all-green bunch. If you’ve got a mate who’s a Reds supporter, buy them red blooms. (Although maybe not waratahs – you don’t want to start a fight!) If your best friend is elegance in human form, then an all-white arrangement is suitably classy and refined. Pink flowers are perfect for a sweet sixteen celebration, formal corsage, or first date.  Yellow flowers will cheer anyone up, bringing a little sunshine when life has clouds.



Tip for blokes: most women do not like a ‘pick and mix’ bouquet. I know you think that multicolour bunch with one of every flower looks like great value for money, but trust us. Stick to either a variety of flowers, in shades of just one colour; or one flower type,  in mixed colours, if you’re not sure.

Buy traditionally. Flowers have been used as decoration, and in celebration, for thousands of years. Through the centuries they have acquired symbolism, meaning, and cultural heritage that adds to the richness of their beauty. You might even have your own family traditions for certain flowers.

Embrace that tradition – choose flowers for more than their beauty. Find out their hidden meaning through the Victorian Language of Flowers; discover a celebration where flowers play a significant part; choose flowers that bring back a memory, or mean something personal to the recipient.

Flowering now – what’s in season

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