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Gregory Milner M.Ed is the third generation of a well-known floristry family. As principal of Marjorie Milner College, national judge, floristry author, international demonstrator and President of the Australian Association of Floral Designers, Gregory ensures standards are maintained throughout the industry.

Gregory writes for every issue for the Australian Flower Industry Magazine on topics relating to professional floristry - skills, training, sales and retail methods - based on his years of experience.

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Eclectic design inspirations

Recently I went to a forum attended by employers representing floristry, hairdressing and beauty therapy. I found it very interesting to listen to comments made by the employers in their respective trades regarding the financial expectation of their staff from the business, and how the staff know what is expected of them in financial return to the business to justify their wages. One hairdresser stated, “I love my apprentices; they are great little money earners.” Several other hairdressing employers agreed with this remark. A beauty therapy employer advised they charge five times the hourly wage on a service and several agreed this was common within the industry.

Issue 45 - December 2014

My floristry wish list

There are some things I would dearly like to see change within the floristry industry.  Here is my wish list of changes I think would improve current floristry practices.

Issue 44 - September 2014

Labour, money well spent?

“The days of trying to build the labour cost into the profit margin of the flowers have long gone.”
“A smart florist will determine what product has the highest profit margin to promote to their clients.”

Issue 43 - June 2014

Cool rooms - do you need one?

Do you really know the running temperature of your cool room?
It is interesting to ask a florist what temperature their cool room or refrigerated display cabinet operates at. Many are unsure, yet if the temperature is too cold the flowers’ life span is severely affected.

Issue 42 - March 2014

Rules or no rules?

Some florists believe there are no rules to floral design yet others feel there are very strict rules.  There are aspects of design that come naturally to some and yet not to others.  A good florist should be able to explain their design and to do so
you have to understand what is correct about the design and what is not. Hence the use of rules.

Issue 41 - December 2013

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