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Can you feel the cool of Autumn? Rainshowers, cloud cover, and the need for a doona at night. There’s plenty of flower choice as temperatures drop, most of it homegrown – and some of it very limited edition!

Here’s a summary of what’s flowering now, and what flowers are in season. Buying flowers in season usually means they are better value, fresher, more likely to be homegrown not imported, and reflect the atmosphere of the time of year.

Now, if you’re cashed up (and you don’t mind the airmiles) you can get peonies in July and daffodils in December. Someone, somewhere in the world will be growing what you want, when you want it. Extensive international flights mean that imported flowers and foliages can be with you in a matter of hours.

Growers and breeders work hard on extending a plant’s natural flowering season, through supplementary heating, cooling and lighting, cross-breeding and selection, to add a few precious days or weeks to each end of the flowering time. And some flowers and foliages are grown and harvested all year round.

However, Mother Nature always has the final word. Plants don’t always flower to order; weather can speed up – or hold up – flowering schedules. Pests can attack a crop. There’s flooding, fires, drought and cyclones. It’s a precarious business, being a grower.

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