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If you are looking for gift ideas, for a present for someone, and can’t think what to get them – may we suggest a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers?

Flowers are a perfect gift for all occasions, for everyone 

Here’s some reasons why giving flowers as gifts is always welcome, and why flowers can solve many of your gift-giving dilemmas!                     

  • Flowers celebrate new life – and mourn death
  • Give flowers to someone you truly love –  and to someone you don’t know at all
  • For old and young, male and female, outgoing and shy, trendy and traditional, there’s flower gifts to suit
  • Available to all budgets, from under $10, to ‘the sky’s the limit’
  • Always unique, bespoke to you, every time
  • Low allergen flowers are available for hayfever sufferers – you don’t have to sneeze!
  • Organically grown for the eco-friendly; fairly traded to support struggling farmers; local-grown in your region
  • Requires no user investment – no insurance to protect it, no software upgrades, no time off work to use it
  • Has no unwanted side effects – no weight gain, no hangover, no having to wear unflattering items and pretend you like them!

Flowers are pure pleasure, for a short but sweet time. Why not give yourself – and others – some pleasure in your life?

Choosing the right flowers – advice on what to pick if you are overwhelmed by choice, or a beginner to flower buying

Flowering Now – what’s in season

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