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Fair Trade

Sometimes called ‘fairly traded’ flowers, this accreditation label covers imported flowers from developing countries, ensuring :

  • A fair price for the producer, grower or supplier
  • A regular or longer term supply contract
  • Better working conditions, and often social support for staff
  • Safer production practices
  • Sustainable growing practices
  • Support and training where needed to compete competitively

You can find out more about this accreditation, and the rules and regulations governing use of the labels and logos, at

Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

Fair Trade Organisation


Organic produce is grown without  synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers – biological ones are used in their place. The growth in pesticide-free foods has been rapid, and the market for additive-free toiletries and cosmetics has also grown. Many consumers are also looking for other organic products, including fresh flowers and foliages; and growers are starting to specialise in these.

Most countries have a rigorous certification process for organic products of all kinds, that complies or aligns with other international standards of sustainability and environmental practice such as MPS . You can find out more about the legislation, and certification, through the links below.

Organic Growers of Australia Certified for producers with under $75K gross income, selling domestically

The Organic Federation of Australia unites all organic sectors nationally, but does not provide certification.



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