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Flowers are an essential part of weddings for most people. Almost every bride walks down the aisle holding a bouquet of fresh flowers, chosen carefully and with love. Her groom often sports his own mini-bouquet, pinned to a lapel.

Fragrant flowers, calming smells

The tradition started when fresh flowers were carried to provide a relaxing calming smell during the service – essential for brides who might be meeting their husband for the first time at the altar, or possibly not marrying willingly.

Orange blossom and jasmine were traditionally popular, and their calming smells are still used today in aromatherapy. You might find sniffing the fragrance of your fresh flower bouquet during the ceremony helps soothe any last-minute nerves, and focuses your mind on enjoying the occasion. Plus, the scent of those flowers will forever remind you of the best day of your life.

Popular wedding flowers

Wedding flowers undergo fashion changes, just like the dress and hairstyle choice! Whatever the flower, if it’s chosen from the heart, it’s perfect.

The traditional choice for most brides is roses. Roses have been a symbol of love and romance for centuries; and come in a range of colours to suit most wedding themes. The newest roses are – paradoxically – the oldest kind; garden-style roses with bigger, blousy heads and masses of rippled petals are the fresh new look in rose trends. These often have a delicious old-fashioned tea rose fragrance. Also increasingly popular are spray roses, which have a daintier, more relaxed feel that suits a less formal wedding theme.

Modern brides are choosing lisianthus for their bouquets. For starters, they have a frilly, full look that is so effective in bouquets. They suit vintage-style weddings very well, yet also look modern and contemporary. They come in strong purples, grey-lilacs, dusky browns and pale green – colours that are hard to find in other flowers.

Lilies are a classic option – perfect for elegant classic weddings, and ones where a dramatic modern look is wanted. Their giant impressive flowerheads mean you won’t need many stems of lilies to make an impact. And if you want colour, then Asiatic lilies are the ones to choose. They have the same flower shape as scented white or pink lilies, and come in a range of bright reds, yellows, pinks, creams and oranges.

Callas and arums (Zantedeschia) have recently had a revival in popularity, since their first fashion trend in the 1930s. Arums have a much larger flower, ideal for shower bouquets, pedestals and tablecentre displays; callas are smaller, for elegant wand bouquets. Both suit an art deco venue or theme.

Orchids, because of their luxury cachet, are often seen in bridal work. White and pink moth orchids (Phalaenopsis), and cymbidiums in a wide range of colours are very impressive in a single stem or large display. Singapore orchids (Dendrobium), white and purple, are very versatile. Dainty yellow ‘dancing lady’ orchids (Oncidium) and tan-brown James Storey (Aranthera) make pretty additions to bouquets and boutonnieres.

Brides wanting a typically Australian look to their wedding – whether here or overseas – ask for tropical and native flowers. They mix surprisingly well with traditional bridal flowers, and look particularly striking used on their own. Many tropical and native foliages – cordyline, and eucalyptus for instance – have long been used in wedding work, worldwide.

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